Expert Home Palliative Care Services for Compassionate Support

Sunway Home Healthcare specializes in providing comprehensive medical and emotional support to individuals in palliative stage. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals offers compassionate care to manage symptoms, provide pain relief, and offer psychological support to both the individual and their loved ones.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the highest possible quality of life for the individual and provide comfort and dignity throughout the final stages of life. We strive to provide personalized care plans that meet the unique needs of each individual and their family.

Palliative care VS Hospice care

Palliative care is a comprehensive approach to care that can be provided to individuals with serious illnesses at any stage, regardless of their life expectancy. The primary focus of palliative care is to alleviate symptoms, manage pain, and improve the overall quality of life for patients.  

Hospice care is typically provided to patients who have a terminal illness and have a prognosis of six months or less to live. Its primary goal is to provide comfort and support to patients during the end-of-life phase.

In summary, hospice care is specifically for individuals in the final stages of a terminal illness, aiming to provide comfort and support during end-of-life care. Palliative care, on the other hand, is a broader approach that focuses on symptom management and improving quality of life for individuals with serious illnesses at any stage, regardless of life expectancy.

Understanding the Importance of Palliative Care at Home

Palliative care at home is a specialised programme that aims to provide relief from pain, manage symptoms as well as reduce stress commonly associated with serious illnesses in a familiar environment surrounded by their loved ones.

Palliative care at home helps to improve the quality of life for patients facing life-limiting conditions. This is done by addressing physical, emotional and psychological needs through comprehensive pain and symptom management as well as end-of-life care.

Palliative care offers more than physical pain relief. It provides emotional and psychological support to patients and their loved ones, helping them cope with the challenges of serious illnesses. At home, it ensures patients maintain control, dignity, and receive compassionate care.

Improved Quality of Life with Home-Based Palliative Care in Malaysia

Opting for home-based palliative care offers significant convenience to patients and their families. Our home care service provider offers patients the opportunity to receive care in the comfort of their own homes, effectively avoiding the unnecessary stress and inconvenience of hospital visits, particularly when facilities are difficult to access.

There are numerous benefits that home-based palliative care can provide, including cost-effectiveness compared to hospital care, as well as the provision of personalised and tailored palliative treatments to meet the unique needs of each patient. 

This holistic approach ensures that patients receive comprehensive support, symptom management, and emotional assistance in an environment that is familiar and comforting to them, which ultimately enhances their quality of life during challenging times.

Experience Comfort and Compassion with Sunway Home Healthcare's Palliative Services

Sunway Home Healthcare offers dedicated palliative care services to individuals with serious illnesses, giving high-quality care focused on pain relief, symptom management, and emotional support. 

Our experienced team prioritises each patient's unique needs and preferences, providing them with comfort during challenging times.

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FAQs about Palliative Care by Sunway Home Healthcare

Here are a few things to know about palliative care and the palliative services offered by Sunway Home Healthcare:

Who is palliative care suitable for?

Palliative care nursing is suitable for:

  • Patients that have been approved by their primary care doctor to discharge from the hospital

  • Patient’s goals for seeking a medical professional is no longer recovery but comfort and care.

Palliative care nursing offers a holistic approach that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of care, ensuring comfort and dignity for patients and their families.


Why should I consider transitioning my loved one back home with palliative care services?

Transitioning your loved one back home with palliative care services offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Provide a familiar environment close to loved ones.

  • Personalised care with greater care and attention 

  • Create more opportunities for direct communication between family and patient

How to receive palliative care services at home?

Sunway Home Healthcaare palliative care services are open to Sunway Medical Patients. The first step is to obtain a referral from a palliative doctor. Palliative doctors are specialized healthcare professionals who assess the needs of individuals facing serious illnesses and provide recommendations for appropriate care. 

Once you have received a referral, our dedicated team at Sunway Home Healthcare will work closely with you, your family, and the referring doctor to develop a personalized care plan tailored to your specific needs.

How long can I expect to receive palliative care services?

The duration of receiving palliative care services varies depending on the individual’s needs and the progression of their illness. Palliative treatment can be provided for as long as it is necessary to enhance the patient’s quality of life, which can span from a few weeks to several months. 

It is determined on a case-by-case basis, in collaboration with the patient, their family and the healthcare team, which is crucial to ensure the best possible care and support is provided throughout the illness trajectory