Who We Are

Your family is our family too. We understand that having peace of mind in the care of your loved ones is of utmost priority.

As part of Sunway Healthcare Group, Sunway Home Healthcare prides itself in being a comprehensive home and corporate on-site healthcare service with hospital standards in Malaysia. Our home nursing services are delivered by dedicated skilled and experienced health professionals that provide support and nursing care. These are made available at the convenience and comfort of our patients’ home while our community team is ready to provide a multitude of skilled medical services supported by medical professionals.

Sunway Home Healthcare was established in 2003 with a lean structure of a pure nursing care provider to cater to the unique sphere of services for patients at home. As the need of home healthcare increases due to various factors such as cost, time, convenience, benefits and outcome, Sunway Home Healthcare grew to become a multi-disciplinary care provider.

Today, Sunway Home Healthcare is able to provide total healthcare needs from standard wound care, physiotherapy, medical nutrition therapy, or medical care to even multidisciplinary services such as postnatal care, home neonatal jaundice phototherapy, vaccination services, short and long term on-site nurse services, as well as community public awareness campaigns, rehabilitation treatment and palliative care that are provided by skilled and experienced healthcare professionals.

As with the global trend where the service of choice for the elderly and chronic patients leans towards home or community healthcare-based type of service, Sunway Home Healthcare fits well into the healthcare ecosystem.

Trust in a home care or on-site medical service provider is now becoming valuable. Sunway Home Healthcare, with its unique hospital-based home care structure, is an organised care-at-home and corporate on-site care facility affiliated to the group of hospitals and centres under the Sunway Healthcare Group. Safety and quality is a top priority in our patient’s every single touchpoint.