The purpose of this form is to bring your attention to our terms of service and to obtain your consent for the processing of your personal data. 

Terms and Conditions of Services


  1. Sunway Home Healthcare (SHH), operated by Sunmed@Home Sdn Bhd, provides supportive home care which may include clinical consultation both physical or by teleconsultation, medical care, nursing services, care giving, therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, dietetic services and the supply of medical goods through registered medical practitioners and/or nurses to patients at their homes or at a location indicated. 
  2. SHH does not have clinical facilities for the treatment of patients and should the need for any hospitalization arise, the patient has the right to choose their hospital or healthcare facility.
  3. Patient’s personal information, medical history and other health information collected while services are rendered. This may include photo imaging, video recording of the patient. All information collected are processed in accordance with SHH privacy policy, which can be found at
  4. Type of services to be provided will be based on a Care Plan agreed upon by patient and SHH and services are rendered through appointments known as Home Care Visits.
  5. Home Care Visits do not include supplies, equipment, medications and/or disposable items. 
  6. The frequency of services may change in accordance with the patient condition. SHH may adjust the Care Plan time to time. 
  7. Any service must be confirmed within 3 working days before any Home Care Visit.
  8. Any change/cancellation/ postponement/standby duty of a Home Care Visit appointment must be notified to SHH at least 24 hours in advance of the time of Home Care Visit; any notice which is given less than 24 hours of the time of Home Care Visit may result in a RM110 per shift charge. 
  9. Patient and family shall at all times ensure a safe work environment, establish courteous and respectful manner for all SHH staff during the Home Care Visit.
  10. During the Home Care Visit, it is important to ensure all pets are restrained, no voice/video recording of the Home Care Visit unless SHH provides such permission and no smoking.
  11. If the patient is incapacitated, a designated family member or a person in charge should be present during the Home Care Visit.
  12. Inform SHH of any cultural practices that will be required to be adhered to during the Home Care Visit so long as it does not affect the safety or health or treatment of the patient or SHH’s staff.
  13. SHH shall not be responsible for any loss or damage occurring at patient home or designated location.


Medical Care

  1. Patient is advised to follow and comply with treatment or care instructions.
  2. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that complete and accurate information, including all medical history are provided in order for SHH to render the appropriate care. 
  3. Service is being rendered in a non-clinical setting, there are limitation in terms of the diagnostics and care that can be provided. 
  4. Patients should always consult their primary consultant or healthcare provider on whether home based medical and nursing care is suitable for their condition. Where required, patient shall provide satisfactory documentation or evidence to SHH that the patient’s primary consultant or healthcare provider has recommended and/or confirmed that home based medical and nursing care is suitable for his/her condition.
  5. Where care or medication is prescribed by a third party medical practitioner or consultant, SHH will only have the responsibility to follow and/or act in accordance with such prescription or care and SHH shall have no liability whatsoever as to any complications or injury that may arise and/or suffered as a result. SHH shall have no responsibility to contact any third party, medical practitioner or consultant to verify the accuracy of treatment prescribed. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure that all prescription from a third party medical practitioner or consultant provided to SHH is correct, accurate and complete at all times.
  6. Consultation may be carried out through teleconsultation, i.e. by way of audio video or purely audio means as determined by SHH. The patient’s medical condition may be deemed to not be suitable for a teleconsultation examination and SHH has the right to refuse to render its service by way of a teleconsultation. Teleconsultation may be affected by internet connectivity or other issue beyond the control of SHH.
  7. SHH may be required to render emergency medical services where necessary at any time during the Home Care Visit or Services, costs and charges involved in the rendering of emergency medical service are NOT part of the Care Plan and will need to be paid separately.
  8. Should there be a need for urgent transfer to a hospital or healthcare facility, there may be delays that are beyond the control of SHH, e.g. traffic and/or weather conditions, availability of transportation etc. 
  9. SHH may at any time deem the patient to be unfit to receive services in a home care setting; in such circumstances, patient will be advised to undergo further treatment at a hospital or healthcare facility of the patient’s choice. Treatment charges at a hospital or healthcare facility are separate from SHH’s charges.  



  1. Additional charges shall apply for nursing procedures that are not specified within the Care Plan.
  2. Payment for any sample taking for laboratory testing does not include costs for the laboratory testing which shall be charged separately.
  3. Travel Costs patient’s home or designated location will be applied to the final charges at a rate of RM1.50 per /km plus any toll charges from SHH business address shall be chargeable for each trip of service.  
  4. Should payment not be received by the due date set by SHH, SHH shall not be obligated to perform any services or may apply different rates from the Care Plan.  
  5. Guarantee Letters must be issued for insurance policy holders or corporate healthcare schemes prior to any start of any Service. 
  6. For policies or schemes that have been declined, all outstanding sums not covered must be paid within seven (7) days from the date of declination.
  7. Each Home Care Visit is subject to maximum contact time on the type of service. Surcharge may apply for any extension of service based on a set rate. Details of each maximum contact time can be made available upon request. 
  8. Surcharge applies for services that falls on Sunday, after office hour (7pm to 7am) and public holiday (as announced by the Government of Malaysia)   
  9. Refunds to services, equipment rental & product orders are not permitted, except in cases of payment transaction errors or in exceptional circumstances, such as the patient's physical incapacity (e.g., due to death). Purchases may be converted into equivalent alternatives. To request for a refund, kindly submit proof of transaction accompanied by reason to [email protected]. All refund requests are subject to the Sunway Home Healthcare discretion.
  10. SHH may adjust charges without prior notice.


Equipment and Products

  1. Any equipment rented from SHH be paid in advance for a specified period.
  2. Patient will be liable for any equipment found damaged or lost during the rental period and may be charged the full value of purchase price of the equipment.
  3. Renewal of equipment(s) rental shall be confirmed by full payment of the new rental period at least 3 days before the start of the new rental period. 
  4. Should rental of the equipment no longer be required, SHH must be informed of the discontinuance prior to the start of the new rental period.
  5. Where a deposit is required for an equipment, any return of deposit only be processed upon the return of equipment in full working order and condition and free from any damages or defects. 
  6. Any deposit collected may be forfeited by SHH should there be a breach in the terms of use or payment. 
  7. The purchase of additional items or equipment from SHH may entail, additional terms and conditions.
  8. TPN/Infusion pump rental is complementary for SHH patient only. 
  9. Items indicated for shipping from SHH (Products) shall be delivered through a third party courier service provider whose terms of service are independent from SHH. 
  10. Patients shall make the necessary arrangement for Products to be collected at the location indicated for delivery and shall be responsible for any reshipment fees or charges if Products are returned to SHH due to failure to collect Products. 
  11. SHH shall not be liable for any delay or loss caused by the third party courier service provider. 
  12. Patient shall communicate directly with the third party courier service provider for any delay or loss. 
  13. There will be no delivery of products on Sundays and Public Holidays. 
  14. SHH shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage arising from items lost, stolen or damaged Products after acceptance of delivery. In the event that the patient receives damaged Products, the patient shall make a written complaint to the third party courier service provider for further action within a period of 24 hours upon receiving the products.