Expert Home Rehabilitation Services, Including Physiotherapy, for Optimal Recovery

Our clinically based model of care also includes home rehabilitation services. Rehabilitation is an important step for a patient who is recovering from an illness or injury. If your loved one has any of the following conditions, talk to us about our therapy services:

  • Challenges in daily activities living
  • High fall risk
  • Stroke
  • Surgery

Tailored Home Rehabilitation Plans for Individualized Care

Our team consists of experienced and licensed physiotherapists and occupational therapists who can provide individualised plans tailored to your loved one's needs.

The value of rehabilitation, done on a regular and consistent basis, is imperative to the patient’s healing journey. The golden opportunity for the most optimised healing through rehabilitation is during the first six months after the injury. Our rehabilitation team will work with patients to set personalised short and long term targets to regain the core functionalities.

Another group of patients who can benefit from our expertise in the rehabilitation team fall under those who are bed-ridden, in their old age, or face degeneration of muscle. Our rehabilitation team will provide chest physiotherapy due to the likelihood of these patients acquiring reduced lung function as a result of the above conditions.

The team also works closely with the multidisciplinary clinical team consisting of nurses and dietitians to provide a well-rounded care to your loved one.

One-on-One Attention with Home-Based Physiotherapy Treatment in Malaysia

With the home-based physiotherapy treatment service now offered by Sunway Home Healthcare, you or your loved one will no longer need to travel for rehabilitation sessions.

Experience convenience and personalised nursing care right in the comfort of your home along with one-on-one attention from our experienced physiotherapists, who will focus solely on your needs and progress.

Sunway Home Healthcare is committed to creating a home-based physiotherapy treatment packages tailored to your needs and condition. We believe that the comforts of home and the familiarity of one’s surroundings are essential in promoting better and faster recovery. Additionally, it encourages relaxation and greater compliance with your physiotherapy treatment plan.

Ensure Quality Care with the Right Physiotherapist for Home Rehabilitation Services

Selecting the right home rehabilitation therapy provider is essential to achieving the best possible outcome. This is why Sunway Home Healthcare promises quality care for our patients with our home rehabilitation services and our team of highly qualified physiotherapy specialists. 

We have established a strong reputation for delivering effective and personalised rehabilitation services. So, you can have peace of mind that you will receive the highest level of care and attention, tailored to your specific needs.

Start Your Journey to Better Health with Sunway Home Rehabilitation Services

Sunway Home Healthcare is committed to providing you with quality excellence in care through our personalised rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments. With our team of experienced professionals, we offer a range of rehabilitation services tailored to your specific condition.

Contact us today to begin your personalised physiotherapy session to begin your first step towards your recovery and healthier life. 

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FAQs about Home Rehabilitation Service by Sunway Home Healthcare

Here are several frequently asked questions about our home rehabilitation services:

Are rehabilitation treatment and physiotherapy the same thing?

Rehabilitation treatment and physiotherapy are related but not exactly the same. Rehabilitation treatment is a broader term that encompasses various therapies, which includes physiotherapy as one of its components.

Physiotherapy, on the other hand, specifically focuses on evaluating, diagnosing, and treating musculoskeletal and movement-related conditions through exercises, manual therapy, and other techniques.

How does home physiotherapy work?

Home physiotherapy involves providing physiotherapy services in the patient’s home. Prior to carrying out the home-based physiotherapy treatments, an assessment is first conducted by a qualified physiotherapist to evaluate the patient's condition, medical history, and treatment goals.

Based on the assessment, the physiotherapist then creates a personalised treatment plan tailored to the individual's needs. During home visits, the physiotherapist will carry out the prescribed treatments, which may include exercises, manual therapy, stretching, and other therapies.

They also provide guidance on proper form and technique, monitor progress, and make adjustments to the treatment plan as needed. Home physiotherapy allows for one-on-one attention and facilitates active involvement in the patient’s recovery.

How important is rehabilitation physiotherapy?

Rehabilitation physiotherapy holds great importance for the following reasons:

  • Promotes strength, mobility, and independence through targeted exercises, manual therapy, and other techniques

  • Manages and reduces pain while improving range of motion, muscle strength, and flexibility

  • Aids in the recovery of motor skills, balance, and coordination

  • Provides education and guidance to prevent future injuries and promote long-term well-being

Who can benefit from home medical rehabilitation services?

Home medical rehabilitation can benefit a wide range of patients, including those recovering from surgeries, individuals with chronic illnesses, those with physical disabilities or limitations, and older adults requiring rehabilitative care.

It is also particularly beneficial for individuals who have difficulty accessing traditional healthcare facilities or prefer to receive rehabilitation treatment in the comfort of their own homes.

When is it appropriate to choose home-based rehabilitation?

Home-based rehabilitation is appropriate in various situations, including for those who have difficulty accessing traditional rehabilitation facilities due to mobility issues, transportation challenges, or geographical limitations.

Home-based rehabilitation is also suitable for patients who prefer the comfort and convenience of receiving therapy in their own homes. It can be chosen when individuals require personalised attention, customised treatment plans, and the ability to involve family members in the rehabilitation process.

Additionally, home-based rehabilitation is a viable option for patients with chronic conditions, post-surgical recovery, or those needing long-term rehabilitation support.

What are the common types of physiotherapy treatments available?

There are various types of common physiotherapy treatments available, which includes:

  • Exercise therapy

  • Manual therapy

  • Electrotherapy

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Rehabilitation modalities

Depending on the patient’s condition, we will design a personalised treatment plan that incorporates a combination of physiotherapy treatments that is tailored to their needs.

How long does a physiotherapy session typically last?

A home physiotherapy session typically lasts for 45 minutes. However based on our assessment, we might suggest a modified session that fits the patient’s objectives and body condition.

Why choose home-based rehabilitation over inpatient rehabilitation?

There are several advantages to choosing home-based rehabilitation. These include the convenience of not travelling to receive treatment, receiving one-on-one attention and personalised care in the comfort of home and having the family’s involvement in the rehabilitation process.

A home-based rehabilitation program plays a crucial role in promoting patient adherence to their doctor's recovery plan, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful recovery.

How much does home-based rehabilitation cost?

The cost of home-based rehabilitation for each patient varies depending on the type of treatment as well as the number of sessions they will need to undergo based on their condition.

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