Our doctors are able to provide continuity of care for patients who have been just discharged from the hospital or opting to seek home-based care. By following coordinated & comprehensive protocols, we are able to work together with your loved one's primary care doctor to ensure the patient's needs and prioritised. Throughout the process, we will provide open communication our patient's family as well.

The main aspects our doctors will look into when providing continuity of care to patients include:

  • Discharge planning

  • Keep updated medical records

  • Medication reconciliation

  • Coordination with other healthcare providers

  • Ongoing monitoring and evaluation at home

  • Patient education and self management support.


  • Stable patients with non immediate life threathening conditions

  • Chronic illness 


Allow patients to receive professional medical services outside of a medical facility be it for convenience, assessbility or other mitigating factors


In a home setting