Postnatal nursing care refers to the care provided to a mother and her newborn baby following delivery. Postnatal nursing care typically begins immediately after delivery and can continue for several weeks or months, depending on the needs of the mother and baby. The main goals of postnatal nursing care are to promote healing, prevent complications, and support the physical and emotional well-being of the mother and baby.

Some of the specific tasks that a postnatal nurse may perform include monitoring the mother's vital signs, such as her blood pressure and temperature, to ensure that she is stable and healing properly. They may also assess the baby's vital signs, such as its heart rate, breathing, and temperature, to ensure that it is healthy and thriving. Additionally, postnatal nurses may also assist with breastfeeding, providing education and support to the mother as needed.


For mothers after child delivery via natural or c-sec. 


Ensure parenthood journey is safe and supervised.  


At patient's home, confinement


Within 1 week of deliver (d3-d5), suitable up to 3 months post delivery


Once discharged from hospital, contact us to find out more. If you are an SMC, SMCV delivery mother, you are entitled to ONE COMPLIMENTARY VISIT FROM US.*surchage may occur if >10 km over