Sunway Home Healthcare, under the Sunway Healthcare Group plays a role in responding to the health and wellbeing needs in a community setting. We provide nursing services to the health and wellness centres of universities, colleges, international schools and industrial sites such as factories and offices.

Students face an immense amount of emotional stress such as panic attack and depression. Apart from extending nursing care for physical health conditions, our team provides the much needed support in educational institutions through counselling.

Our community nursing service is also extended to workplaces with large workforce. Employees can work productively knowing that their health and wellbeing is taken care of. Chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes can be easily monitored and managed with the help of our nurses stationed at these workplaces.

Each of this health centre is staffed with our experienced and certified nurse to provide these clinical services:

  • Community Health Advisory: medical health, food safety and work-related injuries
  • First Aid and Emergency On-site Treatment: ambulance and oxygen services
  • Health Promotion: Health talks, demonstration, workshops delivered by our healthcare professionals from the hospital, vaccination programmes
  • Medication Dispensary

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