Post-Natal Care

Post-Natal Care

Congratulations! Have you or do you know someone who has just delivered a baby? Childbirth is a momentous and joyous event, and this joy should continue during the mother’s recovery time.

The health of both mother and baby is equally important especially during the first few months after delivery.

With so many questions after delivery, such as is my wound healing right, is my breastmilk enough, when will my baby need to be fed next, what is that yellowish pus-like looking thing on my baby’s umbilical cord and many more, it is important to get the right post-natal home care help.

Our experienced team at Sunway Home Healthcare can visit you and baby at home to address your post-natal needs. Get the assurance you need before your scheduled doctor’s appointment by calling us today.

If you have recently delivered a baby at Sunway Medical Centre- Velocity, please call us now for your complementary service.